Added new special shops where you can buy new items, there are currently 3 shops that reset every 10 minutes.
  • Dark Shop - special unobtainable items
  • Head Shop - here you can buy heads
  • Tool Shop - backpacks, multi-tool, and other items (more items coming soon!)
  • Backpacks - we added backpacks where you can store your items (there are currently 3 types: small, medium and large)
  • Sword of Souls - very op sword that you can buy from dark shop, this sword deals +300% damage
  • Heads - you can now buy heads in the head shop and use that as decoration.
EDIT: Survival has been removed from the server

15 Nov 2020, 10:52 0 | 9
  • Homepage was redesigned. From now, you can see our latest video there as well as exactly who is online.
  • Homepage now shows only 3 news instead of 5.
  • Staff applications were moved to our website. You can see them at

15 Nov 2020, 10:51 0 | 3
Website has gone through complete redesign and it's nearly finished!
  • Website background is now image
  • Changed icons in page footer (YouTube, Instagram, Discord)
  • Whole bunch of smaller design changes to fit nicely with overal changes
  • Upper website padding is now changing as navbar height changes (caused compatibility issues)
  • Main page layout was changed
Some smaller changes:
  • Play page automatically refreshes shown data every 30 seconds. This feature is toggleable
  • Corrected wrong time zone issues
  • Added Appeals and Shop link to page footer 

09 Nov 2020, 19:23 0 | 2



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